Winter friendly rug

Warm Up Your Home with These 6 Winter-Friendly Area Rugs

As it starts getting chilly outside, let’s warm up your home with these six winter-friendly area rugs. They’ll keep your family nice and warm all season!

Wool floor coverings

First of all, we have the traditional wool rug. This winter-friendly area rug is soft and warm. It is a perfect way to stay warm, as It can soak up lots of water without feeling all wet and mushy. It’s all-natural, super tough, and even flame resistant!

warm up your home with these 6 winter-friendly area rugs

faux fur rugs

This faux fur rug is great for the winter season. If you’re into that luxurious look without using real animal fur, you should go for faux fur rugs. They’re durable, and can be easily cleaned. Don’t worry about them fading over time, with proper care, they’ll stay fabulous for years. And guess what? You can just throw them in the washing machine!

Shag Rug

Okay, now onto the shag rugs. They are made of a variety of materials, including wool, leather, polyester, and more. Naturally, you can get a lot of options to buy a shag rug according to your choice. These thick and fluffy rugs can make your winter months ultra cozy. The cleaning and maintenance tasks can be done easily at home.

Braided rugs

warm up your home with these 6 winter-friendly area rugs

Braided rugs are bright and charming. People sew scraps or several strips of clothes together to create rugs in different shapes. They mostly make these rugs by hand. Nowadays, machine made braided rugs are available in big department stores.
They are durable and comfortable too. Perfect for that cozy feeling!
Want to see different types of multi-color and bright area rugs ? Check them out here.

Flokati rugs

Flokati rugs are awesome! Do you know anything about this beautiful rug ?They are super fluffy and dense. It’s like a warm hug for your feet!

Sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs consist of sheep skins with fine and soft wool attached to them. You must take extra care as they have a thin and very light structure. You can easily clean the sheepskin rugs at home.

Warm Up Your Home with These 6 Winter-Friendly Area Rugs

To sum it up, these winter rugs will make your home super cozy without any hassle at all. From picking the perfect colors to basking in the comfort under your feet, trust me, they’ll be your ultimate winter saviors!

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