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Can You Clean Area Rugs at Home? Absolutely! Here’s How?

Area rugs instantly elevate any space they are put in. They are classy, comfortable, and interesting. They distinctly divide the space and define it. But, that is true for clean area rugs. Area rugs can get dirty and dingy due to the everyday traffic they experience. From hosting kids’ games to the family’s constant walkthroughs, they are used more than any other piece of furniture or fabric in your home. While area rugs may seem an intimidating item to clean at home, it can certainly be done.

From the regular basic maintenance to its thorough cleaning, here is everything that you need to know about how to clean an area rug at home.

Regular Basic Maintenance

The best place to start a basic maintenance schedule for area rugs would be the “instructions” tag on the rug. It will provide you a specific set of instructions according to the material and workmanship of the rug.

Apart from those instructions, here are some other steps you can follow to clean your area rug.

  • Shake the Dirt Out

This works well with smaller area rugs. Every other day, take the rug outside and shake it well. This will make sure all the dust and pet hair that are loosely stuck to the rug can be shaken away.

  • Brush Them Well

Use a small carpet brush to clean out hair and untangle the rug fibers. Brush in the direction so that you do not spoil the look.

  • Regular Vacuuming

Once a month, you can take the vacuum out to give your area rug a deeper cleaning. This is the time when you can get to the bottom of the fibers and take out the dust that has settled at the base.

  • Stain & Odor Removal

You have to be proactive in soaking the stains to ensure they don’t permanently damage your rug. Depending on the stain, you can use a suitable cleaning agent like denatured alcohol, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and so on. A dusting of baking soda also helps in taming bad odors.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning a rug can be time-consuming, so undertake it on a biannual basis. Another factor to consider while deep cleaning is the material of the area rug. If you use the wrong reagents on an area rug, you will almost certainly ruin it. So, pay close attention.

Material 1: Woolen and Cotton Area Rugs

Wool is a hugely popular material when it comes to area rugs. The popularity can be attributed to their wide variety of designs, stunning colors, and their durability.

On the other hand, cotton is a much lighter material than wool. It is more delicate too. So, more care should be taken while cleaning cotton rugs.

Since similar cleaning routines can be employed for both types of rugs, we have clubbed them here.

Step 1: Clean the rug thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: In commercial settings, rugs cleaner turns the rug over and use a de-duster. But, at home, you can dust the rug by just shaking it well to get rid of any residual dust particles. Make sure you do not overlook the tassels. Skip this step for the cotton rugs.

Step 3: Now, it’s time for washing. Run a gentle wash on a machine in cool water and then rinse it well. If you want to wash the rug by hand, use a microfiber towel, cool water, and a light laundry detergent.

Step 4: If there are any visible stains, then take warm water and put on the stain. Use cotton towels to press on the stains inwards using a blotting motion to clean a rug. Never scrub. Repeat till the stain disappears.

Step 5: Now leave the rug for drying. It should not be damp when you start using it, otherwise it will only get dirtier.

Material 2: Jute

Jute makes for stunning rugs. They are in vogue nowadays; thanks to the outdoorsy and organic element they add to any space they are added to. Here is how you can clean yours.

Step 1: Start with the basic dusting outdoors. Most of the dust can be cleaned like this. Also, since this cleaning regimen won’t employ water, detergents, or rinsing, this step is required to loosen the dirt for easier rugs cleaning.

Step 2: At this point, if you want to get rid of any stains, you can use a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar. Gently scrub the mixture using a microfiber cloth. Let the carpet dry.

Step 3: Find a dry, cleaning powder for jute rugs in the stores. Take your pick and dust it on the jute rug. Sprinkle generously. Let it stay on the rug for 30 minutes or as long as the instructions on the packaging say.

Step 3: Now you need a brush with stiff bristles. Start brushing the rug lightly. If you apply too much pressure, you may pull out the jute fibers too.

Step 4: Once you are content with the cleaning, employ a vacuum cleaner. It will help you get rid of all the dry detergent that you initially sprinkled.

Material 3: Synthetic

Synthetic area rugs offer a durable option to rug enthusiasts. The smoother surface of synthetic rugs makes it harder for the dust to stick. Moreover, they are not as delicate as natural fibers which makes them easier to clean too.

Step 1: Like every other fiber, you have to vacuum clean the rug first. Then, dust the rug outside to get rid of any remaining grime.

Step 2: Take a spray bottle and mix liquid detergent solution in it. Spray the soap solution on the rug. You can go harder on the stained areas of the rug. You can use a toothbrush or any other soft-bristled brush for deeper cleaning.

Step 3: Hang the rug for a rinse with a spray jet or rinse it thoroughly in a bathtub. Once the rug is cleaned, leave it outside to dry under the sun. Make sure all the water has drained out before bringing it inside.


You know your rugs and care about them the most. So, why not clean them yourself giving them the exact care they need. You can save considerable amount of money by undertaking these projects. However, if you do not have the space to dry the rugs at home, a professional service is preferrable.

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