Simple updates to revamp your living room
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Simple Updates to Revamp Your Living Room

Here is a step-by-step guide to simple updates to revamp your living room within your budget. Our living rooms are a place for peace and relaxation. I can give you some practical ideas that will help you to make simple, and affordable updates to your living rooms.

Splash Some Color

We start with the most important key of all, color. My walls and furniture were both neutral. So, a few pops of color make such a difference.

Imagine colourful artwork, daring bedding, and colorful accessories that stand out in the room. I, for one, bought a cute green duvet and red throw blanket to brighten my base of neutrality.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Next important thing is texture. Timely change of linens, a cozy furry throw in winter, or lightweight cotton for summer not only keeps you warm but also add a sense of luxury.

I love that a combination of textures — such as this hand-tufted rug and these silk curtains for instance, can set the tone in an almost magical way throughout any room.

Pillow Power

Throw pillows for the win, right? Replacing your accent pillows is like giving a facelift to your bed. In all shapes, sizes and patterns, they fill the space with infinite personality!

Also, you know they’re a cosy convenience for those hungover Sundays reading in bed.

Fresh Bedding, Fresh Start

Is there anything better than the feeling of freshly laundered bed linens? In my home, you’ll often find me cozying up under the covers.

In my guest room, I have a wool-filled duvet insert from Finland (currently on loan to me), and in our master bedroom, I switch out the duvet cover with the seasons.

This approach is convenient and saves storage space. Right now, I’m especially fond of a navy duvet cover; its fresh and calming vibe is truly delightful.

Patterns Galore

Patterns create the perfect vibe. Change the look of your rooms with classic stripes, dots, or florals. There are many ways to convert a neutral room into a brighter one . Choose duvet covers or quilts with these patterns.

Colors of your rooms

Different shades can affect the space in your home. If you want to make your room feel larger and brighter, choose light colors.  Darker shades can add depth and coziness.

To create a calming atmosphere, light blue or grey will be the perfect choice. Warm colors like beige or peach can make your space more inviting.

If your ceilings are high, darker colors can make them appear lower and more intimate. For low ceilings, choose white or off-white colors.

Thus, you can experiment with different color according to your requirements. Overall, colors play an important role in setting the room’s ambiance.

Small Changes, Big Impact

Sometimes, minor changes can have a big impact on the look of your living room. Updating window dressings can instantly refresh your living room’s style.

I hung stylish drapes and positioned the curtain rods higher to accommodate large, elegant curtains, which made the entire room feel more spacious and sophisticated.

Mix It Up

Mix and match different furniture styles and fabrics for a unique look. I love pairing modern nightstands with a vintage-inspired dresser, which reportedly came from an administrative office. This combination adds so much personality to my room.

Personal Touches

Finally, make sure that you inject your personality into the space. Putting up some of your favorite works or living out some hobbies, like vintage collecting and photography can also help to individualize this area.

Design your place that suits you and makes your heart at peace. Do try out colors, doodle with textures, and turn your living room into a sanctuary. You’re only a few steps away from your dream living room.

Now I would like to hear from you, your preferred living room update recommendation.

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