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Blue Floral Rug With Non-slip Backing

I used this 8 x 10 beautiful indoor blue floral rug with non-slip backing for a high-traffic area of my family home. In my own personal experience, this rug proved to be so good for me and here is why it could work best for you as well!

Why I Chose This Floral Rug

Once we moved into my new house, I knew that the ambiance in our living area would not remain perfect for long. This rug immediately caught my eye. I was really amazed with the gray-blue floral pattern that pairs with endless decor styles.

My First Impressions

It is a huge rug so I was surprised at how lightweight it felt when the package arrived. It was 18 pounds so it could be carried and unrolled easily. Colors were brilliant as expected and floral print looked better in real life.

Blue indoor floral rug with non-slip backing

Easy Setup and Instant Floral Charm

The rug was a breeze to install. Not to mention, it comes complete with non-slip backing. Even my very energetic dog could not budge it, so this thing stays put.

No need for a rug pad here! I had no issue opening doors above it, and the low pile did a good job of repelling dirt.

Great, Cozy Indoor Rug

It is the softest rug, and for that reason it has quickly become one of my favorite additions to our home. Constructed using 100% nylon it feels great beneath your feet and maintains your floors looking like fresh.

Children playing on a soft carpet in their living room

This machine-woven loop texture gets rid of any piling helping the rug retain its shape, and thus very pleasing aesthetically. Also, its stain-resistant characteristic allows any spills or messes on the floor to be cleaned in no time.

My Family’s Reaction

I remember it like the back of my hand —the night we set our new rug up in our living room. My kids flopped down on it with their books, and my husband remarked at how warm the room felt. Thanks to the new addition.

Easy Maintenance

To my surprise, it has been easy to take care of. Although it’s recommended for dry clean only, the low pile height minimizes how much dirt it collects. A quick vacuum and it looks like new again.

This rug upgraded our home decor by a lot! Very inviting with the floral patterns. The non-slip backing has proven to be incredibly durable, offering the perfect blend of style, functionality, and longevity.

A few consumers are not satisfied with this floral carpet. If you keep this in your bathroom, it will get wet. The surface is rough and not at all soft under your feet.

Floral Persian Carpet

Multiple reviewers say that the rug is thin and it starts to wear in spots after several cleaning cycles. Furthermore, the colors are not as vibrant as in the photos – some portions of white look dingy.

Though, according to some consumers, the print and colors are ok, but it looks like a cheap rug not worth mentioning. Most hope they can use it in lower visibility locations, such as a basement or garage.

We have hit simply the right balance between style, capability & sturdiness. If you happen to be looking around for an area rug, give this one a look. Your home will be grateful!

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