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DIY wall art ideas to Revamp Your Living Room

Hey there! Want to add an accent to your living room walls? Not to worry; I have some affordable DIY wall art ideas for you to try, giving oodles of personality to your room. Here, changes can mean a lot in your living area, turning it around to feel a little more like home.

I recently moved from my house to an apartment downtown. Oh my gosh – moving has never been more real. My living room felt cold and impersonal with those bare empty walls staring me down.

Fortunately, art flows in my veins, thanks to my family. No one decorates like my mom, a talented artist who is practically gifted at placing art in every room of her home.

DIY Wall Decor Ideas  

Although, my favorite project I worked on was definitely the gallery wall, I was aiming for a family-heavy photo and travel-light balance, so my mobile was the first point of call.

It stuns me how many stories you can uncover with just a smartphone! I printed a few photos of family events and trips that I have gone on. I added pictures of memories from places I had already visited, along with postcards and little pieces of art, and hung them like a gallery wall. This unique DIY wall art idea can change the look of your room easily.

There are quite a few factors to consider before you begin, as well – one being how much of your wall you would like your gallery wall to occupy. Next, measure this and tape out a rectangle of this size on your floor. Grab a scroll of big wide art paper that the kids have, and tape a couple of sheets if it’s not wide enough.

Wall decor at living room

Then you fill that area with all your framed photos, wall art, mementos, etc. This way, you can walk around, play with the design, and not worry about the walls failing under the adhesive over time. This method saved me hours of stress and a day and a half of busywork.

Homemade Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Feeling a bit creative? Hey, we all need some DIY canvas art, right? Now, you obviously do not have to be a professional to create something genuine. Grab some canvases and paints from a nearby craft store and have a ball expressing your creative side.

And, like most ideas, it was my baby abstracts that got the kick start, using colors I knew already worked in my living room, of course. So… naturally, I ended up the guinea pig. It was fun, even! A fresh coat of color on the wall is sure to brighten the mood.

Conversely, warmer hues help keep a room cozy, almost like the room is giving you a little hug. And what I learned from my experience was that the end result was a big, bold, high-contrast work of art that was beautiful and made me happy whenever I looked at it.

Framed Fabric or Wallpaper Art

Little life hack: accent with fabric or wallpaper. I had this idea a few days back when I had a piece of fabric left after making covers for a few cushions. I just laid my fabric onto a gallery-wrap canvas, turned the corners, and stapled it to the back, and ta-da—instant art solution.

You can do the same with wallpaper scraps. It’s an easy way to add some texture and color to your walls without spending a fortune.    

DIY String Art Wall Hanging Ideas

Cross Stitch and String Art always combine to make a fun hands-on project that involves using string, thread, or yarn to create intricate designs on a surface like wood or canvas.

String wall Art

String art is a great one for beginners. The design is made by hammering nails around the outline, and then weaving string around the nails. Despite the fact that more elegant designs can take a number of hours to make, with the assistance of a bead loom, you could potentially make one very quickly.

To start, you’ll need:

Wooden board [or whatever you like for a base canvas or cork board]

Small flat head nails

String (You can use embroidery floss or thin yarn)

 Mark the design on the selected surface. Hammer nails around the outline and then weave the string around the nails to create your pattern.

String art also makes for a fun and eye-catching piece of wall decor.

Repurposed Items

Occasionally, the best art comes from the most unexpected places. Look around your home for items that you can change into wall art. Old window frames, wooden pallets, or even an antique mirror can be converted into beautiful pieces.

Drawing on Canvas for room decoration

I once found an old window frame at a flea market and turned it into a rustic photo display by adding some strong threads and clothespins. It’s a unique piece that adds charm to my living room.

Wall Decals and Wall Stickers

Wall decals and wall stickers are decorative adhesives that can be applied to walls or other smooth surfaces. They come in various designs, sizes, and styles, allowing for quick and easy decoration without paint or wallpaper.

Wall decals are easy to apply and remove. They are available in a wide range of designs and can be moved without damaging walls.

Wall stickers are comparatively cheap and versatile. You can easily apply and remove them whenever required. They are safe for rental properties, as they don’t damage walls.

Wall stickers at children's room

Wall decals are often larger and available in more complex designs, suitable for feature walls. Wall stickers are smaller and better for adding accents.

Both work best on smooth surfaces, but decals may be more forgiving on slightly textured walls.

If you plan to reuse or reposition the decoration frequently, decals might be a better choice due to their larger size and ease of reapplication.

Further, wall stickers are typically more affordable and are great for budget-friendly decorating.

Hanging Plants for Wall Decor

Why not bring a bit of nature indoors? Hanging plants add liveliness to your wall decor. Use macramé hangers or stylish planters to display your favorite greens. When I added a few hanging plants to my living room, it not only made the space look more vibrant but also improved the air quality.

Have a little fun with it and let your individuality shine through. Whether you’re painting a canvas, creating a gallery wall art, or giving an old item a new purpose, each piece will bring something special to your home.

Collect your materials and get to crafting with these DIY wall art ideas. I would love to hear from you if you opt to experiment with any of these. And post your projects so we can all be inspired!

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