Grow herbs in your backyard and heal yourself

Herb Gardening and Healing

Since my childhood, herb gardening and healing have always been passions of mine. Besides that, my mother always encourages us to use  herbal remedies. My mother used to grow herbs in her backyard garden and incorporate them into her cooking. Inspired by her, I started my own herb garden a few years ago.

I thought that if I could prepare my seasonings from the garden, I could cook everything in a healthy way for my entire family. But I am not an experienced gardener, so I wanted to expand my knowledge.

This book on herb gardening and healing contains a lot of information in detail about different types of herbs and how to grow them. I bought the book online and found it amazing.

The Cook’s Herb Garden Review

Do you want to start a herb garden at home? In this book the authors will help you identify the herbs, their medicinal values, and how to grow them. They answer all of your questions in an easily-to-follow way.  They share many helpful tips.

There are a lot of pictures to explain the ideas and tips effectively. Additionally, it shows how these plants’ medicinal properties can protect your family from any health hazards.

If you are a beginner, having little or no experience, this book will give you the confidence and skill to create a successful herb garden. Plus, it’s full with practical advice that you can start using right away.

Content and Structure

You can cure various problems bothering you without taking any medicine. Consuming herb is safe and has little or no side effect. It discusses in detail a total of 77 different herbs. In the introduction part the authors give a brief description of the product, their uses, and benefits.

It begins with advice to choose your herbs first. Decide whether it is a seasonal herb or one you can grow throughout the year.  The author introduces you to different types of herbs, their proper location, and how to cultivate those plants in a pot or in the garden during season.

Watering the herbal plants at backyard garden

The uses of those plants while cooking or preventing any issues related to health occupy an important part of this book.  The author describes everything in a logical manner. This is actually a step-by-step guide to all interested in gardening.

Gardening tips

The book offers many gardening tips which are discussed below in brief:

Weed Control

You must prepare the soil before planting the seeds. Removing weeds is part of soil preparation to make it fit for planting. Methods like solarizing and mulching are helpful for removing  weeds from large areas of land.

Fertilizers added to the plants for better growth

Improving Your Harvest

Maintenance of plants is of utmost important during the growing season. Growth in plants occurs during Spring and summer. How to maintain various plants during these seasons is detailed in this part of the book. The procedures are also supported by many images.

Feeding and Watering

Watering the plants is an important step for feeding purposes. When and how to feed them is given in detail to keep the plant healthy.

Herb gardening by mother and daughter at backyard garden

Pest Control

Most herbs produce aromatic oil to ward off insects. But there are few insects or bugs, e.g. Caterpillar, for which special treatments, i.e., pest control, are necessary to protect the plants from them.

Cooking Tips with Herbs

Beyond gardening, there are a variety of delicious recipes that give an idea of how to add herbs and which quantities to enhance the flavor and taste.

After growing herbs in your garden or on window sill now it is time to add those fresh herbs to your soup, salad, and pasta. Add them to your roast chicken or other vegetables while baking.

The aroma coming out while cooking will be amazing. One of my personal favorite is their recipe for butter with different combinations of herbs.  Spread this herb- infused butter on bread, taste the difference. 

Visual Appeal

Visually, The Cook’s Herb Garden is a treat.   Each page is beautifully decorated with images showing herbs at different growth stages, alongside gorgeous pictures of the dishes you can create with them.  

These step-by-step tutorials with images enhance the confidence of the gardeners with little or no experience.

The Herbal Apothecary Review

There are certain herbal plants that have medicinal values. They can heal your body to some extent. If you know the uses and benefits of using those herbs, you can use them for relieving your problem.

Nearly 100 medicinal herbs, their benefits, and how to use them are explained in this book in a simple way. The importance of natural healing is given priority without disregarding modern science.

The Herbal Apothecary book on herbs

When I first started exploring herbs, I felt overwhelmed by all the information out there. Many easy-to-follow practical advice given in this book. This will help you to start your herbal therapy right away. 

Practical Advice for Everyday Use

The guide is incredibly practical. The author gives many easy-to-follow instructions. So, you can start experimenting right away. I’ve already tried making some herbal teas using the step-by-step instructions provided. They are simple to make.

You can buy the specific herb online or grow it in your kitchen garden. Plus, the satisfaction of making your own herbal tea is just amazing.

Preparing soil to sow the seeds

One of the best parts of the book for me is the section on herbal teas. Make your own herbal tea by mixing different types of herbs that work as immunity boosters. You don’t have to visit your physician if you know the specific herb to treat common problems like colds, headaches, and insomnia.

This book will give you this information. Thus, it works as a problem solver in some cases. Consequently, whenever someone in my family feels under the weather, I can whip up a soothing tea or a healing salve right from our herb garden.

Beautifully Illustrated and Easy to Read

The design of the cover is very attractive. You can blend different herbs according to your choice and add them to your meal. You can easily identify the right herb and use it for your well-being.

Essential accessories for herb gardening

All the images are fresh images taken directly from the herb garden. The recipes are easy to prepare and clearly explained to avoid any confusion. You can try them and make a delicious meal for your family.

Personal Journey and Benefits

When I first started using a few herbs to protect me from common cough and cold, I was initially not sure about the result. But after consuming those herbs for a week, I realized how beneficial they are to boost your immunity.

I tried to find a good book on herbs online. This is the guide I found ideal to add to your favorite collection in your library. Overall, whether you want to treat a common cold and soothe your sore muscles, or simply enjoy the benefits of natural healing, “The Herbal Apothecary” is the perfect guide for all.

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