Quality cotton Black and white striped area rug
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Quality Cotton Black and White striped area rug

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Quality Cotton Black and White striped area rug

I am happy to share my thoughts on the black and white striped rug. This elegant striped rug is made of high-quality cotton material. You feel comfortable when you touch it.

The very carefully handwoven carpet ensures that no edge is lost or rolled. Its dimensions perfectly match an 18" x 30" welcome door mat, making it the perfect choice for your entryway.

Cleaning this rug is easy as it can be easily vacuumed, shaken or even machine washed. This means maintenance is effortless. In addition, this rug is versatile and easily adapts to different indoor and outdoor spaces. But a non-slip mat is essential to keep it in place. I bought a non-slip base myself and it was perfect, providing a firm grip and preventing it from sliding around on the floor.

The only challenge I had is cleaning the white part of the carpet. Overall, this black and white striped rug not only adds to the aesthetic look of your home or outdoor area, but also provides a cheerful atmosphere. The carpet is soft and comfortable. All in all, this is a great choice!